Title/Header Suggestion

Here's my thought on the top bar (T.1/G.1) - I think the official header (Ecotone) should be top left, along with subheader (Nature of the Site, Building Community, el futuro) and introductory text. I've included sample text (from the paper-in-progress). The fonts/colors/sizes can definitely change (bring on the comments), but I like how it establishes a clean, professional feel. This leaves G.1, currently Andy's space, open for a nice image/rendering. It should size proportionately with the space taken up by the header/text section, and possibly carry a small caption in the bottom corner (i.e. "native grassland," "kids running in front of car," etc.).

With all of the images coming together for these boards, it's nice to have the title establish the white space. That is to say, we will be able to add much to the board without it feeling "too busy."

Let me know if this works for you guys. If all is well, then I can begin putting together introductory statements for the three boards.


Andrew Blaisdell said...

I think it should maybe have less text and be more of a "brand". So Ecotone slightly bigger, slightly more noticeable, and much less text if any. Maybe just our quirky catch phrase.

ddewane said...

I actually think that the size of ecotone is OK as long as it reads consistantly across the boards and thus establishes its promonance. I guess I don't mind switching the position, but if an image goes into that corner it has to clarify the difference between boards, not confuse things. That is why I opted for a UNsexy 'title block' - not only does it give people a branding fix, it also doesn't detract from the mead of your presentation. What Justin says can work, but we must proceed with caution. Tell Johnny the 'C.S.I.' font is growing on me.

ddewane said...

Also, the subtitle has to read stronger. Again, this moves to clarify the differences between boards.

Justin said...

Here's what I'll do. I'll keep what's there as the template with which to shape the rest of the header blocks and captions. As the board begins to come together we'll be able to better assess how large the header/subheaders need to be, and so forth.

The font is called "ISOCTEUR"