The Extras include:

1. One Soccer field in the NW part of the site. The large field NE of the Rec Center can be used as an informal play field (set up with cones and whatnot).

2. I am thinking the Dogrun should be the grey area to the extreme NW. This will make it very visibly and accessable to car traffic (I threw 10 parking spots in for a buffer from the street...and this park is going to be SOOO popular that we are going to need overflow parking anyway).

3. The grey area just south of the Dogrun could be for the Low Impact sports. This might work nicely because....

4. There is a double pavilion located right in the middle of the soccer field/dogrun/low impact sports. Since it is doing triple duty it would probably be used quite a bit.

5. Swimming Pool next to the Rec Center (after all it is a REQUIREMENT)

What is nice about this part of the plan is that it condenses a lot of the program into a relatively small area which frees up the rest of the site for big open spaces.

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Ariel said...

I like what I see. I was wondering if some sort of shading (trees, shade cloth) should be used in the pool area. That summer sun can be pretty intense especially for people wearing limited clothing.