board 3

1 - 'looking forward' paragraph explaining our views of future development.

2- Rachel suggest including the diagram of the greenbelt. I am adamantly opposed to this as i think suggesting direction runs contrary to the theme of NOT suggesting direction.

3 - title block. I know it seems redundant but i think you want to constantly remind people who you are so they remember who to award the blue ribbon to.

***more boards are coming, but i want them to read sequentially so i'm posting this first.

4- big sentence. we need to figure what this is. please make suggestions.


rachel said...

my comment of the greenbelt stems from the idea of showing a diagram on the board. i don't think it is an appropriate diagram on the first board b/c it is really a comment/concept on the future (board 3) "the design process, like the park, is organic and will develope and change over time. The comunity, time, and nature itself will influence this development." We can look at the park as a model of urban redevelopment in the future for Austin - the greenbelt emphasizes this by litterally reaching out beyond the boarders of the site.
Perhaps these are really two distinct concepts here but I am using this as a way to at least bring them to the surface.

if someone can tell me why it is appropriate on the first board i am all for it.

Andrew Blaisdell said...

is the greenbelt argument about which board or if at all? I think we definitely need it somewhere, but don't have an opinion about where. I may have a part of the big sentence which I will post when I post a link to lots and lots of pictures.

ddewane said...

I think it is appropriate for the first board for a couple of reasons:

First, the point of reducing the last board to one sentance is to keep it straightforward. if confusion is been generated even omong people who know alot about the project i say leave it out so it doesn't throw anyone off. The first board is the repository for information.

second, there is a notion of scale that i could see working better with the first board. the diagram of the greenbelt, i feel, would make more sence along with soime other diagrams