board 1

1 - 'strengthening nature' paragraph

2- title block possible involving a hypnotic dancing ben phillips

3 - site plan - in my opinion we scale it to fit within these graphics. in other words, if it turns out to be 1:90 instead of 1:100 big deal. the site would be beautifully colored and have callouts for the sections and the event scenes on board 2. ecosystems get there own diagram (#5)

**each of the below diagram has a short caption explaining it.

4 - existing site diagram

5-new ecosystem diagram

6-ecotone diagram

7-path diagram

8-constructed wetland diagram

9- water balancing diagram (showing water collection area and use potentials)

10-neighborhood context diagram

11-greenbelt diagram

12 - large textbox explaining paths as teaching tools

13- path sections

1 comment:

rachel said...

1. I am unsure about breaking apart the path sections into two catagories. We are already describing the ecosytems/ecotones with the diagrams on the left and on the plan itself. I think calling it out again below in the sections may really confuse the concept.

2. I think the neighborhood context diagram and text/diagram showing the paths as teaching belongs on the board 2. Those both deal with community strenghthening. this also might be a way to break up the board of just perspectives.

3. Thats what i have for now I will work on a sketch perhaps but i want to get this damn plan done.
peace out.