Hey guys, I have to admit today is the first in a while I have seen the blog and I feel terrible I have not been able to put in my time with this project lately. Everything is looking really good by the way. As some of you know I just got my internet working and my computer guy is coming this afternoon to get some of my other computer glitches worked out. I am ready to spend some serious time on this to help get us to where we want and need to be for the due date. Rachel, I have been thinking about the idea of sizing the "constructed wetland" specifically for the buildings needs and I have one concern that maybe you guys have thought about. I think that the constructed wetland would have to be a separate system from the creek since the creek will have so much more runoff than just from the site. I dont foresee a problem with this as long as everyone understands that it would have to be a seperate system and link into the creek. I do really like the idea of paying very specific attention to park needs. I hope to have some stuff posted for everyone in the next couple of days. Hope everyone is well, cant wait to get back. Hows the greenforms plant doing... dont forget to water it.


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