We Have a Plan....Well a Start Anyway

Gus "Rolling Thunder" Garcia Park

Here is the plan as we discussed it last weekend. For the sake of clarity I am breaking it down pragmatically into zones (in no particular order) City Center, Paths, Trees, Gardens, Water, and Extras.

Bear in mind this is still developmental; a point for all of us to work off of. I will email the CAD drawing to Johnny tonight and you can update it as you like. I guess we need to come up with some sort of way to keep that file up to date (CAD ideas...johnny, ariel, rachel???).

NOTE: The notion of phases is not in play in this plan. For all practical purposes we will assume this is phase III. My understanding is that each "zone" will grow progressively in each phase.

DISCUSSION OF ZONES TO FOLLOW (again, in no particular order): I will do each individual zone as a post in case people want to comment by topic (I know how much jerkoffs like to comment). Gus


Justin said...

Great job, David.

Has anyone drawn up a (tentative) diagram of the ecotone distribution? I'll think about transitional space in the context of the path system, but it would be nice to have a guide similar to Ariel's geology breakdown, if that's possible.

Ben said...

Question- there are a few grey lines in this diagram that im not sure what they are, either topographical or paths or flood? Looks good!

ddewane said...

Justin - I will work on the ecosystem map tonight or tomorrow. It would be great if once it is done someone would look at it with Jason (if this is convienient).

Ben - The grey lines are indeed the flood plane and the tree line.