Recent Excursion (part deux)

I went out to the site last week to have a look at the SE corner to see what the opportunities for entrance might be. I discovered many things.

1. There is a point of entry possibility via either a dead end in the trialer park or a pre-existing corridor that is about 20 feet wide between the apartment complex fencing and the trailer park fencing. This corridor leads all the way down to walnut creek where there is a dry crossing and a clear pathway cut on the opposite bank.

Facing North (construction is apparently city creek maintenance)
Facing South (corridor)
Creek Opposite (path)
Walnut Creek Facing East

2. There are lots of kids3. While walking through the apartments back to my car I saw some youngsters playing on a basketball court. Not playing basketball. They were very standoffish and rather frightening at first, but they soon were cool with me taking a few pictures. The last one is them "poster(ing) up"

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rachel said...

Great investigative work.
The idea of looking at where these paths lead beyond the site brought to mind the discussion about the idea of this greenbelt going beyond the park boundries. Here is a link to this Bruce Mau Toronto Park competition I spoke about - Tree City.
"While initially the park will serve as a green destination within the city, the intention is that this “vegetal epicenter” will connect with the rest of Toronto’s green spaces, creating a park system laced throughout Greater Toronto."
The rest of the write up gives a quick summary of top 4 entries: http://www.vanalen.org/exhibits/downsview.htm#