Hopefully this is true to the spirit of Andrew and Justin's layout. The main street had to jump up the berm and connect with the firetruck lane or there was no way of connecting it with the city center in a fluid motion. (Rachel has been working on a more gradual variation of this that is handicap accessible). Some of the major intersections open up a little bit and become opportunities for pavilions (ie, a water pavilion over the 2nd pool). I think the pavilion in the extreme SW of the site works well because it would have a distant connection with the cemetery but no formal path connecting the two.

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Andrew Blaisdell said...

This, as well as all of these posts are great. I dig all of the additional elements and spacing. all of the. The paths look great, I like the SE pavilion placement a lot, only thing I would say is what about the path through the garden? too much fencing? Not enough privacy for gardeners? I don't have strong opinions either way, just think it could be an interesting part of a jog.