Notes from discussion with Leslie

-Role of native landscape to larger context
-Native plants as a barrier
- fences to protect the living things from people (native veg)
-reintroducing species that stimulate people (ex: peepers)
-Garden - (good poster word) biodynamics is a science of life-forces, a recognition of the basic principles at work in nature, and an approach to agriculture which takes these principles into account to bring about balance and healing. In a very real way, then, Biodynamics is an ongoing path of knowledge rather than an assemblage of methods and techniques.
-urban ecotone - offset impact of urban ecotone
-Zocalo - mexican town center
-community center / bandstand
-Alameda - treelined walkway(protected veg usable space between)
-show potential local interests
-Connection to Corridor
-Greenbelt - oportunities, vocab of greenbelt elements
-story of function of site
- emblem - salamander is to barton springs
-Maintanence diagram

Johny boy and Andy feel free to add, if you remember some other things.

Leslie and Gill will check out the site and get back to us


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