After a Long Productive Couple of Days

we gotta keep rolling on like the thunderous group we are. our deadline is looming and we've got a good bit of work to do. we did have a great critique with the lovely folks at lake / flato, and decidedly have a good direction for the rest of the project.

i think we're at a point where we can break down the rest of the work load in a few different groups.

in no particular order

1. Renderings (amazing images that really bring to life the concept behind our project)

2. Plan -- (reworking the plan with a diagrammatic direction for supreme legibility ...)

3. Boards -- (story boards of the layout that we are working on for the 3 boards from -- high density -- medium density -- low density)

4. Community Support -- (research into non-profits and local groups (PTA of the adjacent school) that would help with community gardens/various other facets of our project)

- from the discussion we had with our critics yesterday our main issue is going to be visually representing the strong idea we have already established (so for the next ten days that is our challenge)

if anyone wants to add other areas of interest that we need to focus on for the next week or so please do. this is just to keep the ball rolling.

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ddewane said...

We have to hit the renderings hard.

I think there was a breakthrough point in the meeting when we brought up the comparison of experiencing the site by way of one homogenious concrete sidewalk vs. a set of paths that respond to the immediate environment. I think we need to show these paths. These rendering are going to be very tricky to model and render.

in addition to the paths, we also have to show a couple LOCATIONS. The two renderings we have started are locations (the garden and the playground). They are good for putting people's minds in the park. I think we are going to need a good image of the shaded gathering and the zocalo.

Ben, could you post your ecotone diagram?