Unrelated Tidbits

The Open Architecture Network (OAN) launched last week, and looks to be a potentially powerful open-source platform for exchanging ideas and seeking peer review or revision. You should all check it out (here).

I also wanted to toss out this interesting competition announcement - AMD and Architecture for Humanity (organization behind OAN) are sponsoring a design competition to develop a "tech-lab" for broad implementation - put simply, an internet cafe for the developing world. This was sparked by AMD's 50x15 initiative, which has set the goal of providing 50% of the world population with internet access by 2015. The prize is $250,000, and it all goes towards implementation of the winning design. The competition won't begin until an as of yet unannounced date later this year, but it's an interesting possibility to keep on the radar. Read the press release here.

Ruth Durack's piece was definitely an interesting read - very relevant to our project's conceptual base. I particularly liked her repeated description of living systems as constantly adapting a balance between order and chaos. Thanks for the recommended reading.

All of this post's links, as well as every site linked on the blog thus far, have been tagged in our del.icio.us account. No one has to use it, but I've already found it helpful.

David - let me know when the written piece is ready for proofing.

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