excursion 4

spent an unreasonable amount of time at the site this morning taking pictures. Will post where to find the pictures soon. something struck me HUGE while I was out there. Its something we may have thought or talked about before, but I think we need to express it in writing somewhere. the idea was that an ecotone is an Interaction between two ecotones. usually this interaction is slow and gentle and peaceful, but those with human interaction are typically fairly brutish. The phrase that I wrote on pocket paper while I was out there is this:

Natural ecosystems breath with and flex into each other along ecotones with subtlety and humility. Human ecosystems, specifically construction zones, have traditionally been less tactful.

That's it, but also consider this: a forest drops a seed into the prarie, maybe that seed is strong and germinates and sprouts and over 20 years becomes the new leading edge of the forest. This is the speed at which natural ecotones flex, and we should be aware of how different our time-scale is comparitively.

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ddewane said...

I think this is great. I will rack my brauin to think of a way to communicate it graphicly