Our LF review has been rescheduled to Monday, March 19th (a week from yesterday) at 7:30 here at the office. Sorry for the late night, but I got some quality people to commit and I figured you jokers are used to carousing on weeknights anyway. Any objections???

If not we should make plans for another work weekend. Post any ideas for thoughts, times, and tasks. Rachel and I will be working tonight and I am aiming to have the draft of our constitution up in an hour or so.



Justin said...

I can do Sunday, for sure.

Johnny said...

monday night would be fine with me. i think it would be good to get a work weekend in. perhaps we should take off work next monday-- instead of friday and make a trip down to san antonio on sunday to get some shiznit done. i've got a couple of renderings i'm working on right now -- should have them posted by tom. night.

ddewane said...

John's plan sounds great if you can swing it. We could get some heavy lifting done Sunday and you could tie up the loose ends on Monday before the review (it is always good to go into a review with a clear head and a lot of shit done). If the weather cooperates, Monday would also be a great opportunity for you fools to check out the missions and perhaps do some sketching. Rachel and I went and saw them a couple of weeks ago and they were awesome.

Andrew Blaisdell said...

Sorry to be redundant, but I won't be able to make it Monday. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew. sorryyyyy.