rachel and i are 100% cool with doing site section collages to explain ecosystem relationships. top image is the sectionjs we suggest taking (i would be inclined to add one more including the cemetery - if time permits). The second image is another redering style. I like the one Johnny posted in an earlier blog a little better.


rachel said...

the section styl aboves allow you to use actual site photographs which could be nice to have on our board. Although I do think the section below of the wetland, meadow, forest is great, is it realistic for us to get to that level in the time remaining.

Justin said...

Do you guys have a "clickable" version of that cross-section, so we can see it up close? I may actually like the rendering on this post more, but would like a closer look. It seems more simple/clean, which seems to imply an underlying complexity, which is a good thing.

I do also like the rendering on johnny's post, but I'll reiterate Rachel's q - do we have time for that level of detail?

rachel said...

i don't know why it is not clickable. but if you go to the asla link in the post below and go to the project titled: The Social Life of Water in Villa Tranquila by a chick from harvard you can see it there.
also i agree with justin's comment about the simplicity of the photos and implying a sense of complexity.

ddewane said...

check out this link and click on the image of the board