Variation on the Plan

David got the computer tonight so I had to go back to the classics - hope you can read it.

I made a few variations to the plan David posted a few days ago. Mainly in the orientation around the centro. Please note the amphitheatre is not at all a design suggestion only a place holder. Also I moved the soccer field back to the right of the bldg. for two reasons. One, I thought it should be one of the main elements off the center of activity reached by the park center and two, I thought the orchard would be a nice backdrop if not good opportunity for shade. The lower half of the plan I did not include b/c I didn't have any changes and partially b/c my trace wasn't big enough.

The red circles and arrows are potential views to take perspectives from for the presentation. I only worked with areas that I was dealing with on this plan so this is not by any means the money shots. Perhaps the happenings in the cemetery and/or the wetlands..... I encourage whoever is working on certain areas to keep it in the back of your mind if you think the idea needs to be presented in another way besides plan and make note of a good perspective view.
It's late so I hope this makes a little sense.

As always, comments are welcomed and encouraged!!!

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