- David, you mentioned incorporating more examples of the different path materials into the statement - do you (or anyone else) have ideas?
- I think it would be useful to include a short paragraph in the paper about "universality" - examples of how we're designing for all shapes and sizes, disabilities, and safety. I can think of the amphitheater's design, the raised plant beds of the community garden, and potentially the path materials (wheelchair friendly) - what other elements exemplify this?

That is all for now.


ddewane said...

off the top of my head I would say:

1-chopping up the trees we clear from the forest on-the-spot- to make forest trails.

2-a boardwalk hovering over a constructed wetland is a more severe disconnect.

3- a living fence that provides protection for the garden, while also serving as a covered path and water collector.

4- porous pavers that provide stable footings while allowing grass to grow right through the path.

ddewane said...

hope these make sense...

Andrew Blaisdell said...

I think gravel is not out of the question, esp leading to water. just enough to give the impression that you are entering a different type of space.