garden ladies

Still learning photo shop - will try to make this better, but i started.


Justin said...

I'm proud of you, son. Tomorrow I'll teach you how to hunt cow tongue. Then you'll be a Real man.

Ben said...

Raised Beds –

Raised beds make it easy to create areas of fertile, well-drained soil. They keep plants organized and there is more production per square foot because of improved soil conditions. Raised beds elevate plants to a convenient working level, making them easier to tend and accessible to individuals in a wheelchair. Raised beds are designed for walking around so the plants do not get trampled which can be a concern in a community garden setting.

Gardens –

Community Garden programs in Austin, TX have proved very successful and most have a waiting list to join. Individuals and families have access to fresh, nutritious food and the mixed meals that support nutritional health. Community gardens can be used as a tool for community education and learning venues for schools.

rachel said...

great text ben!