A Walk in the Park

This system of trails is based on a few assumptions: (1) we will create a southern access, (2) pedestrians will be entering the park via the north, east, and south corners, and (3) those with cars (not using the recreation center) will be using the lot we've designated along Fiskeville Cemetery Rd (in brown). The circuit fosters a "crossing" at our intended center, and the northeastern path bisects the orchard. Also, there is a linear stretch linking the parking lot to the center - this allows for the visual experience David described in the first meeting.

This plan may stubbornly ignore the massive retaining pond, but it definitely lends itself to adjustment and is highly dependent on the rest of our layout. We also need to consider trails in the context of their "three phases of design", and take into account existing pathways, such as the sidewalk along the northern perimeter.

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