So here is an example of a spectrum of ecotones. When entering the park via top right path, one is greeted by wildflowers/native grasses to the right. To the left is orchard with flowers underneith. Path bisects first ecotone. Under orchard can be berries. Orchard then provides some shade for garden plots. (Lettuce may like some shade)


Ariel said...

this is good, but I would like to see the orchard swooping down the site around the garden maybe beginning to merge into other areas, ecosystems, establishing new ecotones

ddewane said...

Great start. The sketch achieves the shades of changes that I think are appropriate on that side of the site. Ariel is bringing up something we went over in the meeting and I think it is a good idea too. It is hard to show in this type of drawing. Tonight I plan on working on the scaled site model and can attempt to incorporate some of these items. Will keep you posted.